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Sri Lanka Nurses Association in collaboration with Commonwealth Nurses Federation conducted a workshop for nursing officers on ‘Patient Safety’ on 12th and 13th November 2013 at the Neuro-trauma Auditorium of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. Sixty five nurses selected from all areas of the island participated in the workshop. Ms. Ramziah Ahmed, the Representative of Commonwealth Nurses’ Federation for Asia Region, as well as the President of Malaysian Nurses Association was the chief resource person in this workshop. Welcoming the participants and the invited guests at the inaugural session Ms. Swarna Amarasinghe, President, Sri Lanka Nurses Association, emphasised the need to ensure safety of the patients as well as the nurses in today’s health care environment. Ms. Ramziah Ahmed made a presentation on ‘Activities of the Commonwealth Nurses Federation’. The workshop content included presentations on four key topics “Safe Patient” with a presentation on ‘Safe Patient’ by Ms. Swarna Amarasinghe, President of Sri Lanka Nurses Association. She stressed the need to promote a ‘blame free safety culture which encourages the staff to report errors and learning from errors. This was followed by a presentation on ‘Safe Workplace’ by Ms. Deepani Kurunarathne, a Special Grade Nursing Officer of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. She explained the need for administrative concern on occupational safety at the workplace. Each presentation was followed by group activities under the guidance of Ms. Ramziah Ahmed. On the second day, Mr. W. Keerthirathne, Principal of College of Nursing and Midwifery, Colombo made a presentation on ‘Safe Profession’ describing what nurses can do for the safety of the nursing profession. Mr. S. P. Warnakulasuriya, Senior Lecturer in Nursing, University of Sri Jayewardenapura delivered a lecture on ‘Safe Nurse’ explaining the threats existing in workplaces for safety on the nurse and measures that could be taken to ensure nurses’ safety. Ms. Ramziah Ahmed enlightened the participants on ‘Ensuring safety of patients, nursing professionals, workplace and the nursing profession in today’s health care environment’ with a very interesting and informative presentation. She shared her experience in other parts of the world. In the closing session, Ms. Sandy Pushpakumari Nursing Tutor, College of Nursing, Kalutara presented the workshop evaluation report and stated that the participants benefitted immensely from the workshop and had insight into current trends in safe practices in the health care. Mr. W. Keerthirathne made the vote of thanks.